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Book Series in Process

The growing convergence of Cognitive Science, Process Philosophy, Buddhism, and socioeconomic reform compelled this book series. It explores the application of 4E cognitive science, what I call Effective Cognition as it follows the Buddhist 8Fold Nobel Path to deepen our embodiment of systems change. We are currently in a Product-Oriented Economic system, one that claims dominance over increasing parts of our lives, attention, and parts of the world, leveraging Process Philosophy the book series can be thought of as a Manifesto for a Process Economy.

Book I: As it introduces the series it will cover Effective Identification analogous to Right View of the Buddhist 8-Fold Nobel Path. This explores the nature of meaning and scaling self-hood and is a socioeconomic argument exploring new organizing principles in better alignment with a thriving psycho-socio-ecological system. In short a system founded on meaning instead of value, prefigurative culture instead of representative politics, commons instead of ownership, and relation instead of transaction.  Book I is mostly focusing on embodied and embedded cognition and lays the context for the rest of the series. We will explore the logic behind our current value system and the space of possibility of value systems in general.

However it isn't only our economic system that has been dominated by a Product-Orientation, it is also the education system. Thus the following books Effective Understanding and Effective Communication guide us through practical aspects of deepening meaning and developing an educational system that enables Process Cognition to thrive. It will deepen our understanding of Cognitive Systems Theory and Process Philosophy, while devising an operational view of conciousness. It has a general focus on Extended Cognition as it reframes our relationship with education, self, and world we can open the space of possible games and welcome the unknown.

Without getting ahead of ourselves, the following books will return to socioeconomic discourse applying Enacted Cognition toward Effective Action and beyond. The series will also guide the reader through practices to be directly experienced as it is aimed at a solutions-oriented approach to systems change. Our activism must go beyond understanding and communicating the problems or solutions within ourselves and world, but instead question the nature of self and world in such a way as to enact change on the whole.

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