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Marcus Barrick

Is an author embarking on a nonfiction book series that delves into applied 4E cognitive science. Drawing inspiration from the Buddhist Eightfold Noble Path, his series explores the practical applications of these cognitive principles in the context of socioeconomic systems change. 

With a background in engineering physics and currently working in simulation systems engineering. Marcus leads a team of engineers creating industrial simulations in the education sector, where he applies his knowledge of engineering physics to create immersive learning experiences for students. This experience has not only honed his technical expertise in making complex systems feel alive and responsive but also fueled his passion for making knowledge accessible and engaging. During his studies, Marcus focused on the intersection of cognitive science and physics, in particular, focusing on bioelectronics. His deep curiosity about the underlying principles that govern the intricate workings of the human mind and the physical world shines through in his writing as he unravels its application toward more aligned socioeconomic paradigms. 

In his spare time, Marcus composes guitar for his experimental ambient technical metal band Domesticated Minds. His contrasting composition of a cathartic building of tension and release into a calm ambience may play a part in his writing style. However, it is Marcus' nomadic lifestyle that truly sets him apart. For the past three years, he has been living in a converted bus, traversing the Americas, and connecting with ecovillages along the way. This immersive experience has broadened his understanding of diverse cultures, alternative lifestyles, and the interconnectedness of humanity and the environment.

Combining his unconventional lifestyle, scientific background, and contemplative reflections, Marcus' writings inspire readers to embark on a transformative journey. By bridging the gaps between disciplines and between the inner workings of the mind and the outer manifestations in the world, he encourages individuals and communities to embrace their potential for positive change.

This book series is a testament to his passion for merging scientific knowledge with spiritual insights, offering readers a roadmap to effecting meaningful change in their lives and the world around them. Through his captivating storytelling and actionable guidance, Marcus invites readers to embark on a profound exploration of the intersections between cognitive science, activism, and philosophy.

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Marcus Barrick

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